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june 2019

summer in the city

I’ve been heads down this summer, auditioning for commercials through Take 3 Talent. This month, however, I shot three projects: a web series that had me acting opposite the legendary Joyce Van Patten, an independent feature film slated for completion later this summer, and a student film with Ron Millkie (you may know him as Officer Dorf from the original Friday the Thirteenth!). Looking forward to the release of all these exciting projects!

may 2019

now in theaters: ask for jane!

So proud to announce that Ask for Jane will begin playing at Village East Cinema in New York this month, with screenings scheduled in select cities around the country.

Based on the true story of the Jane Collective, a Chicago-based activist group that led the fight to the passage of Roe v Wade, Ask for Jane is a touching, humorous, and horrifyingly relevant film. As noted feminist activist Gloria Steinem put it, “every American should see this film.”

“Every American should see this film.” ~ Gloria Steinem

“Every American should see this film.” ~ Gloria Steinem


Learn more about Ask for Jane, and see information about upcoming screenings at

february-march 2019

Back to the Emerald Isle

Just as I did at this time last year, I took some much-needed R & R and went (east to go) west, young man, touring the Wild Atlantic Way of Ireland’s West Coast. Good craic all around, lots of music, drink, and dancing, and lots of fooling the locals into thinking I was one of them until I made a foolish gaffe. Something stupid, like saying “cookie” when I should’ve said “biscuit.”

from the top of Dunmore Head, Co. Kerry (not pictured: Luke Skywalker’s robe. Seriously, it was like right there)

from the top of Dunmore Head, Co. Kerry
(not pictured: Luke Skywalker’s robe. Seriously, it was like right there)

january 2019

as seen at the rite aid up the street

As amazing as critical fame and fortune is, sometimes it’s just nice to be recognized as that fresh-faced Rite Aid assistant from the banners. Get yer flu shots folks!!

Brad Fleischer Showcase 2.0

Just as the year began, so again it ended. Two nights, 22 actors, and the motto was “Get in, have a drink, watch some acting, get out.” Short and simple, just the way I like it.

december 2018


november 2018

Now that’s what I call a giant leap, for all mankind!

Performed at Dixon Place in the premiere of Space Race, a new comedy by Nicholas Gentile. Think Star Trek meets Laugh-Off with a little extra surf rock thrown in. What a jam.


october 2018

a million hits

A Million Hits is the title of a feature film directed by my incredible sister Janet Harvey, and it was just released on Steam for rental and purchase! Catch my cameo in the closing credits and check out the film’s IMDB page by clicking the banner on the right!

ask for jane

Ask for Jane, a feature film created by Cait Cortelyou and directed by Rachel Carey, has been making the festival circuit! After premiering at the Hamptons and Woodstock Film Festivals in New York State, Jane will screen at the Napa Valley Film Festival in November! Click the poster to the right for the film’s IMDB page!

september 2018

booked it!

Booked my first print job! a flu season campaign for a national pharmacy company! Keep a look out for me in stores and online!

august 2018

july 2018


and we did the thing again!

Played Puck again! This time INSIDE at The Actors Fund in downtown Brooklyn.

Taking Midsummer inside was an extraordinarily rewarding challenge. I describe like moving from a master shot to a close-up. Once you take away the energy and volume required to perform outside, the need to contend with ice cream trucks and helicopters, and the ever-present danger of rain, you're left with groups of people in a forest trying to solve a problem (How do I get him to love me? How do we put on a killer stage show show? How do I fix a horrible mistake?). The sudden vulnerability of a quiet, enclosed theater made for a present, intimate, and moving performance experience. Good fun, that was.

photo by Myranda Mallenbaum

photo by Myranda Mallenbaum

june 2018

And robin shall restore amends

Having the time of my life playing Puck in an outdoor staging of A Midsummer Night's Dream with Smith Street Stage. Glad to say I probably sweated off a few pounds sprinting around in the Brooklyn heat.

A few audience members had some very nice things to say about the show, and we were thrilled to be included on a number of critic's pick lists for summer Shakespeare.

photo by Christopher Montgomery

photo by Christopher Montgomery


In July I'll be doing an additional week as Puck as Midsummer transfers theaters to The Actors Fund in downtown Brooklyn. Tickets on sale from Smith Street Stage's website.

may 2018

photo by Christopher Montgomery

photo by Christopher Montgomery

how now spirit? wither wander you?

Playing Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream with Smith Street Stage. This is Smith Street's ninth summer doing Free Shakespeare in Carroll Park, this year with an added week of performances at the Mark O'Donnell Theater at The Actors Fund in downtown Brooklyn.

Performances in Carroll Park run June 20 - July 1. All performances are free, and seating is first come, first served.

Performances at The Actors Fund run July 11 - 15. All performances require a ticket, and seating is reserved.

Details on tickets, casting, and more on Smith Street Stage's website.

over hill, over dale

I was wandering everywhere this month, rehearsing for Wildflowers at The Tank, taking class once again, and preparing to enter the ring with Smith Street Stage for the seventh summer running. Can't divulge any secrets as to what I'll be up to this summer yet ;-)

But here's a picture of me as the epitome of crumpled privilege in Old Names for Wildflowers.

april 2018

Can't be a part of the solution until you realize you're a part of the problem.

Can't be a part of the solution until you realize you're a part of the problem.

march 2018

old names for wildflowers

Began rehearsals this month on a new play by Corbin Went, Old Names for Wildflowers, which will have its world premiere at The Tank in May. This is a piece I'm very excited to take to the next level, having performed in its inaugural reading a year ago. To be frank I'd had a hard time until shaking the eerie poetry of its dialogue, so the obvious solution seemed to be signing on to perform the thing 12 times.


Tickets for Wildflowers are on sale, and can be purchased from The Tank's website

Or if you're interested in helping fund our production,  visit our Classy Donation page. All funds raised help support an amazing piece of diverse and vibrant theatre.

Seriously. Why would you not?

commercials and craic

After finishing Bill Coelius' Working Actor Solution this month (seriously, check him out here, one of the best teachers I've worked with), I took a week to travel to Killarney, Ireland, to act as travel photographer for my girlfriend, Amara, while she competed in Irish dance at the all-Ireland event. 

Apart from the obligatory Guinness and craic (a unique Irish word for fun and enjoyment) the greatest pleasure in getting to visit Ireland was in getting to slow down a jot and take time for the things that do the body good. Upon return to the United States, I've developed two new habits: taking time once a week to take a walk outside, and sitting down once a day to enjoy a cup of tea.

february 2018

It's true, you know, what they say? You see shades of green you didn't know existed.

It's true, you know, what they say? You see shades of green you didn't know existed.

january 2018

brad fleischer scene study showcase

I began 2018 with a scene night with my classmates for industry guests. Many many thanks and gratitudes to the numerous friends and family who showed up to support myself and my friendly acting cohorts. This was a really unforgettable evening.

Pro-tip on producing a show: keep it under half an hour and give everyone free beer.

Pro-tip on producing a show: keep it under half an hour and give everyone free beer.

december 2017

back in the classroom / brad fleischer, bill coelius & UCB

I set myself the challenge this year of taking class as much as I could. Even when it was driving me insane, breaking the bank, causing me to stress-eat , the yooj...


In 2017 I stayed in class through more than half the year, working on characters and scenes from Our TownThe PillowmanBoom, and Kill Floor. I also completed the 101 course at Upright Citizens Brigade, culminating in my first show at the UCB East Theatre in the East Village, and completed Bill Coelius' Commercial Acting curriculum.

I'm really looking forward to starting 2018 on the right foot.

But for right now, I'd like to get some sleep.

november 2017

lucid body / lucid body house

This month I let loose a bit -- Lucid Body work with Fay Simpson, workshopping text from A Midsummer Night's Dream with Joby Earle, pedestrian movement with Beth Ann Hopkins...

Yeah, sometimes it got weird. I liked it. Sue me.

I may have thought it was funny at

october 2017

Three Seconds / Barn Arts Collective

I had the pleasure of workshopping the world premiere of a new play by Corbin Went in Bass Harbor, ME. We explored a sweeping new drama in the remote wilds of New England. We had campfires. It was awesome.

But seriously, it was in a barn. Wi-fi at this place was like a miracle.


september 2017


Pleased as punch to announce that this month I signed with Traci Lynn Luthy of Take 3 Talent for commercial representation


august 2017

New york innovative theatre awards

I joined Smith Street Stage the night of their big win for Outstanding Revival for their 2016 production of The Tempest. The IT Awards commentator did a double take at the step and repeat when they passed the mic over and this specky ginger said he played Caliban.

Among the other IT Award nominations for The Tempest were the cast for Outstanding Ensemble and Clara Strauch for Outstanding Original Composition.