I had a moment recently, sitting in a big old theatre in midtown Manhattan, during some show's tech week. I took a deep breath and took the odor of sawdust and age-old sweat seeped into plywood and marley all around. And I smiled to myself and thought, "I could do this forever."


Hi. I'm Patrick.

I'm an actor. I live in New York.

I got my feet wet doing a lot (a lot) of theatre,

and I've been expanding recently to work onscreen.

Commercials mostly. Redheads, you know.


I'm inclined to perform in things on stage and on screen.

I generally tend to drop whatever I'm doing to chat about Shakespeare and LOTR with enthusiasm and

I really, really like making theatre and working with playwri


I generally tend to drop whatever I'm doing to chat about Shakespeare loudly and ponderously with other people.


Sorry? Hi, OK I'm back.


I love telling stories with actors more than anything.


Travel comes in not far behind.


I guess what do those two have in common?


Lots of coffee?


I guess that's number three.


As an actor, I've worked closely with Smith Street Stage since 2011, and have had the opportunity to perform with the Pearl Theatre Company and Actors Shakespeare Company. I've also worked in New York with On the Rocks Theatre and Columbia Stages at venues including the Pearl Theatre, the Signature Theater, and Dixon Place. I've relished every opportunity I've had to perform in plays by Shakespeare, and some of my favorite roles have included Tom in The Glass Menagerie (Princeton Summer Theater), Feste in Twelfth Night (Smith Street Stage & Columbia Stages) and Caliban in Smith Street Stage's production of The Tempest, which won the New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Revival.